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MTP News
Ten Years in the Making
Mercury Tech Partners celebrates (10) years of successful Retail Technology Deployment. MTP extends a special thanks to our Customers and Partners who collectively made this possible. (gomtp)
Energy Management
MTP is currently installing energy management systems for national retailer. As a result, in store HVAC, lighting and signage are monitored and controlled remotely.
Tune-in to your Customers
MTP is presently installing music and messaging systems in three national retailers and for a leading hotel chain.
Mercury Tech Partners Deploys Digital Signage
Mercury Tech Partners recently installed its 675th digital signage system in deployments throughout the US.
Rollout Done Right
MTP successfully completed (1500) location rollout in (21) days.
MTP - New Facility
New staging and configuration center promotes proper supply chain management in support of successful installations of new technology throughout North America.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain. Our SCM system encompasses the movement of materials, equipment, and kitted devices from point of origin to point of installation.


Mercury Tech Partners is not obligated to any one vendor or manufacturer. Therefore, MTP can assist in designing the best solution for any given project. Once specified, MTP will assist with the purchasing of materials and equipment as needed.

Technology Solutions Kits (TSK) are designed and engineered for each project regardless of order and magnitude. TSK is yet another way Mercury Tech Partners plans for success.

Rapid Deployment

Mercury Tech utilizes a network of partners to successfully install technology in locations throughout North America (United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico). With a network of partners, MTP has the adaptive flexibility to meet the unexpected changes that can arise during a rollout.

Reverse logistics

Companies with dispersed assets have the need to optimize asset retrieval through sound, reverse logistical planning. The challenge is to process returns in an expeditious, yet well organized and cost effective way. Mercury Tech Partners consistently processes returns from site decommission to the point of resell or a proper, environmentally responsible disposal.

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