Every Deployment is Unique – Tailored for Your Industry’s Needs


Your technology challenges are unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

We take pride in being technology agnostic, which means we use a variety of technologies and expertise across different industries to improve our deployment delivery. Our extensive experience in deploying technology across thousands of client sites in North America ensures that we incorporate valuable insights from diverse industries and projects into every job.

Transforming Business Operations: One Client’s Summary for 2023

Mercury Tech Partners is pleased to have had the opportunity to serve one of the largest retailers in North America. Our client has over 2,000 stores across 49 states, and in 2023, we provided them with a range of services to help them expand and enhance their technological capabilities. The numbers below represent the services we provided to our client.

Cabled & installed


new stores



remodels & conversions

Responded to


service calls

Deployed over


cellular devices, access points, switches, and routers in 6 months.

Deployed over


new pinpads for future technology at 75 stores in 10 business days


In the changing world of retail, technology is crucial for meeting customer expectations. Whether you’re a clothing store, grocery, auto aftermarket, or home improvement store, we cater to a variety of retail needs. To navigate this tech-focused landscape, having a dedicated project manager who understands your operations is essential. This ensures a customized approach that keeps your business running smoothly.

For every deployment, we provide a detailed plan outlining all contractor activities, including surveys, equipment needs, scheduling, and more. With a network of partners across North America, we can adapt to unexpected changes during a rollout.

Mercury Tech Partners is here to deploy essential technologies and upgrades for your retail business. As the market evolves, we aim to keep you prepared and connected. Trust us to help you navigate the changing market demands and stay ahead in technological innovation.



Logistics technology plays a crucial role in the modern business world. Virtually every retail organization has warehouses, distribution centers, and carriers that need to connect with warehouse management (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to improve efficiency. Automation and robotics streamline tasks such as inventory management and order processing, which enhances speed and accuracy while reducing labor costs. Real-time tracking of inventory and shipments helps to improve responsiveness throughout the supply chain.

Mercury Tech Partners specializes in addressing these needs through logistics technology deployment. We provide solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance in warehouses and distribution centers.


We collaborate with grocers to implement technology that enhances store operations. Over the years, we have installed self-checkout systems, online ordering pickup systems, and technology-driven merchandising and stocking processes. This allows grocers to leverage technology to improve the customer experience and realize cost savings.

Mercury Tech Partners is deploying innovative grocery technology solutions, helping you take advantage of established and emerging industry trends.


Technology makes convenience stores fast, efficient, and customer-friendly. We help national chains and franchise C-stores manage everything from stock and maintenance to security, providing a competitive edge. Deploying streamlined technology improves customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Mercury Tech Partners aligns with the values and priorities of convenience store leadership, focusing on speed and precision.


Restaurants and QSRs

Whether big chains or individual franchises, restaurants need technology that easily fits into the dining experience and is quickly adopted by staff. Digital menu boards, interactive kiosks, tableside tablets, kitchen display systems, inventory management, and security systems help the restaurant run smoothly.

Mercury Tech Partners customizes installations to meet the needs of both the leading company and individual franchise owners. We stage, prepare, and organize all the necessary parts beforehand for on-time installations at each location. Our ability to send teams to a wide geographic area ensures we’re available wherever and whenever you require assistance.


Retail healthcare clinics leverage technology to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. Some standard technologies installed are Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, telehealth, digital check-in kiosks, POS systems, diagnostic equipment, remote monitoring devices, RFID tracking systems, and secure communications platforms.

At Mercury Tech Partners, we deliver accessible, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare services. The technologies employed can vary based on the clinic’s size, services, and technological infrastructure.