Technology is key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in a cutthroat marketplace. Solutions you implement and integrate have the power to bring efficiency to operations and sales, improve customers’ experience and more. Leave deploying them to one partner. Us.


Why add to the complexity of a technology project by separately contracting electrical, cabling and disposal companies? When you’re deploying a solution across dozens to thousands of sites, you don’t have the luxury of waiting while contractors work out plans and schedules amongst themselves. There’s an alternative. Us.

Technology, when designed and integrated right, solves your biggest challenges. When you’re going big, go with us—a single source, manufacturer certified, accountable, reliable and streamlined.

Technology is complicated. Doing what we say when we say is simple.

Of course, your project is unique and every site where you’re deploying an organization-wide technology solution will have its own special requirements to meet. But at the end of the day, all you want is a seamless installation performed by properly equipped, certified professionals.

What you don’t want to do is deal with micromanaging, negative impacts on customers and employees, cost overruns and change orders. All that’s avoided because we do what we say when we say. Simple as that.


Retail Automation

Retail automation solutions are transformative with far-reaching benefits. They make your brand more responsive (and relevant) to consumer needs and provide loyalty-building customer experiences. For your enterprise, reduced labor costs, reallocation of sales roles to more important tasks, operational efficiencies, minimal errors, scalability, IT security, inventory management… the list goes on and on. But the install, rollout and integrations with other platforms begins with us.

Technology Deployments

A successful, seamless technology deployment requires taking all environmental factors and equipment differences in mind, and planning the deployment around them. Doing so results in less disruption to your employees and customers and ensures the technology and integrations works as you expected in the end. This is our rule of thumb whether the project spans 30 or 3,000 stores anywhere across the country.

Technology Lifecycle Solutions

Enterprise growth, expansion and acquisitions can put your hardware on different lifecycles. Of course, upgrades and replacements put your ROI on them at risk, much less can leave you with a hodgepodge of technology and platforms across multiple locations that are detrimental to efficiency, operations, employee and customer satisfaction and your bottom line. With our experts managing how it all gets set up, distributed, maintained, upgraded and disposed of or remarketed for the next lifecycle, you can focus on a more important lifecycle—growing business.


A constant, reliable lightning-fast wireless connection. It’s what we take for granted in today’s connected world. Yet, it’s also one of the most critical business technologies because it is the foundation of your operations and systems being able to integrate, now and years from now. Each of your locations has unique properties, even if it follows the same layout as tens or thousands of others. Before our wireless experts deploy a single switch, router and access point and run cabling, every site is surveyed and network planning laid out accordingly for no surprises and on-time, on-budget completion.

Interactive Solutions


Audio. Visual. Touchscreens, kiosks and displays. Software applications and integration. These are the elements of interactive solutions. The magic happens when they are combined to create an interactive experience that reflects your brand, be it ease in greeting, finding, buying/ordering, trying, engaging, educating, sharing, etc. Whatever that experience is, we bring it to life throughout development, design, installation, ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Point of Sale (POS)

Mercury Tech Partners | Point Of Sale | POS System | IT Solutions

Point of sale (POS) technology elevates the customer experience and can streamline so much of your enterprise’s operations, from sales to inventory tracking and more. How your POS technology is deployed across multi sites, locally, regionally or across the country should be just as streamlined, quick and easy as the platform itself. All the cabling, wireless, devices and systems—any provider or brand, anywhere—launch or upgrade your POS technology on time and on budget.